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Hot Chocolate CandleHot Chocolate Candle
Hot Chocolate Candle Sale price$40.00 CAD
Espresso Martini CandleEspresso Martini Candle
Espresso Martini Candle Sale price$35.00 CAD
Venus CandleVenus Candle
Venus Candle Sale priceFrom $48.50 CAD
David and VenusDavid and Venus
David and Venus Sale price$89.55 CAD
Unión CandleUnión Candle
Unión Candle Sale price$45.00 CAD
David CandleDavid Candle
David Candle Sale price$69.55 CAD
The Roman Column CandleThe Roman Column Candle
The Roman Column Candle Sale price$110.00 CAD
In RomeIn Rome
In Rome Sale price$54.55 CAD
Familia CandleFamilia Candle
Familia Candle Sale price$39.50 CAD
Us CandlesUs Candles
Us Candles Sale price$38.50 CAD
Flower Bouquet CandleFlower Bouquet Candle
Flower Bouquet Candle Sale price$75.00 CAD
Rosa Gift BoxRosa Gift Box
Rosa Gift Box Sale priceFrom $45.00 CAD
Cake CandleCake Candle
Cake Candle Sale priceFrom $30.00 CAD
Angel CandleAngel Candle
Angel Candle Sale priceFrom $40.00 CAD
Twisted CandlesTwisted Candles
Twisted Candles Sale price$21.00 CAD
Caras CandlesCaras Candles
Caras Candles Sale price$40.00 CAD
Build your own CandleBuild your own Candle
Build your own Candle Sale price$58.50 CAD
Candy Heart CandleCandy Heart Candle
Candy Heart Candle Sale price$25.00 CAD
Venus Rouge Limited EditionVenus Rouge Limited Edition
Venus Rouge Limited Edition Sale price$48.50 CAD
CC CandleCC Candle
CC Candle Sale price$25.00 CAD
Amor Gift BoxAmor Gift Box
Amor Gift Box Sale price$47.00 CAD
Puffy CandlePuffy Candle
Puffy Candle Sale priceFrom $23.00 CAD
Bubble CandleBubble Candle
Bubble Candle Sale priceFrom $30.00 CAD
Cielo CandleCielo Candle
Cielo Candle Sale priceFrom $45.00 CAD
Circle CandleCircle Candle
Circle Candle Sale price$25.00 CAD
Bubble Pyramid CandleBubble Pyramid Candle
Bubble Pyramid Candle Sale price$35.00 CAD
Macaroon CandlesMacaroon Candles
Macaroon Candles Sale price$34.55 CAD
Arch CandleArch Candle
Arch Candle Sale price$32.00 CAD
Large Bubble CandleLarge Bubble Candle
Large Bubble Candle Sale priceFrom $95.00 CAD
Cactus CandleCactus Candle
Cactus Candle Sale price$30.00 CAD
Curve CandleCurve Candle
Curve Candle Sale price$18.00 CAD
Sculpture Candle meltsSculpture Candle melts
Sculpture Candle melts Sale price$15.00 CAD
Lucky CandleLucky Candle
Lucky Candle Sale price$22.50 CAD
Splashed Lucky CandleSplashed Lucky Candle
Splashed Lucky Candle Sale price$23.00 CAD
Ornament Candle
Ornament Candle Sale price$64.55 CAD
Splashed Twisted Candle
Splashed Twisted Candle Sale price$20.00 CAD
Splashed Bubble CandleSplashed Bubble Candle
Splashed Bubble Candle Sale price$22.00 CAD
Splashed David CandleSplashed David Candle
Splashed David Candle Sale price$70.00 CAD